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      survey services

      Land Surveying Level

      Boundary Surveys

      Depend on boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and construction surveys from Eric Nielsen Land Surveying, Inc. in Cocoa, Florida, when you need a survey. Our land surveying services provide you with timely, accurate, and comprehensive surveys.

      • Boundary Survey with Improvements Located
        This is for property sales and mortgage purposes, home builders and home improvements, and for fencing purposes. It locates all improvements on the property, such as driveway, fencing, and sheds, with the dimensions of the property line. All corners will be flagged and highly visible.
      • Home Builders Packages for New Homes
        This includes the initial boundary survey, topographic survey, bench marks, site plans, building layout, foundation survey, and final survey.
      • Site Plans
        Shows location of new structure on survey map.
      • Tree Location Survey
        To plot size and type of tree on map of survey.
      • FEMA Elevation Certificates
        Federal Emergency Management Association Certificate that shows elevation and location of a dwelling or structure.
      • Topographic Survey
        Shows elevations enough to generate the contours for mapping purposes with benchmarks.
      • Subdivision Mapping
        Includes boundary survey, topographic survey, and locating cross section of roads.
      • Wetland Delineation Survey
        Locates boundaries of existing wetlands with bearing of distances with map to accompany survey.
      • Alta Survey
        Includes boundary survey, utility location, and improvement location.
      • New Construction Layout Services
        Locates the first structures on new or existing parcels of land.
      • Surveying for Civil Engineering Purposes
        Includes topographic survey, tree survey, wetland delineation survey, and utility location.

      All surveys are produced in AutoCAD ® format and can be emailed to business associates.

      Contact us in Cocoa, Florida, for more information about Eric Nielsen Land Surveying, Inc